When I first heard of a feature film shot entirely on an iPhone 6Plus I thought “this can’t be any good”. Then I watched Tangerine on a recent flight from Brisbane up to Hong Kong and I had to keep reminding myself “this was shot on a phone!!” because the image quality was amazing. That led me to find out how they did it. The answer? Movie mounts and high quality, yet affordable audio gear, lenses and stabilisers. There’s no excuse now for producing crummy looking and sounding content that’s meant to promote you, your business and your brand.

Take your production and story-telling skills to the next level by attending a one-day workshop. We teach you how to craft a story and shoot like a pro using this equipment so you’ll be ready to roll camera the very next day. It’s an investment in your business’ marketing future you don’t want to miss.

Here’s our challenge: Want to get serious about the video you create for your website or social channels?

We’ve teamed up with the leaders in mobile video equipment to bring you a run ‘n gun set up that’s being used by journalists, bloggers, students, online retailers and small businesses. Start creating professional looking content with the iOgrapher mount for your phone or tablet, a Røde VideoMicMe shotgun mic for mobile and the Røde SmartLav+ lapel mic for mobile. We’ve included a light and rechargeable battery so you can shoot indoors or out, day or night. And a handy bubble level for one of the shoe mounts so your camera is always properly adjusted no matter how uneven the terrain.

Every month at our mobile video workshops we draw a business card from our participants to award this incredible prize pack. You can be up and running the next day to put your skills to work creating quality content.